Saturday, 27 January 2007


aaah apparently i ticked the wrong box - meaning that ppl couldn't see how to leave a comment......

all fixed now......i hope.

u'll see that i've enabled comment moderating.....i know that seems really nasty - must be the bureaucrat in me coming out. i'll play around with that feature and see what i decide.

of course, i KNOW u'll all be really nice to me........... :)

more next time.

Friday, 26 January 2007

ok so in order to get myself into the habit i am going to try really, really, really hard to post here every couple of days in the lead up to my trip.

and to create for myself a lasting record of all the exciting and scary things leading up to my first big adventure.

so on monday this week, i got my 'funny' money. why is it that money from any other country than our own just looks like monopoly money? and why can't economists make it much easier for us non-financial types to work out the best time to buy money from another place and get the best value we can?

ah well, at least now i have some cash that should see me through airport lounges and transport to my various accommodations.

and my canadian mate, ray, is putting together a remarkable five days in ottawa. thanks ray i really appreciate it. i think he took me literally when i said i didn't need to sleep from the moment i touched down in ottawa to the time i left for boston........ :)

well, keep it short and sweet in the early stages was the advice i was given so i'll sign off til next time.......


(now if only i can work out how to permanently link my blog and my web album u'll all be able to see my travel snaps without sitting through the old-fashioned 'holiday slide night' - any tips anyone??????)

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

welcome to my blog!!!!!!

well gee doesn't everyone say that in their first post?

this is going to be the place where everyone will be able to read about and drool over my big overseas (and home-based) adventures.

i promise faithfully to post regularly (well - to at least try to post regularly) and to not make u all too jealous........i will also provide a link to my photoalbum - when i can work out how to do that.......

take care all.