Saturday, 22 November 2008

welcome back

it is such a long time since my last post. i must be one of the worst bloggers ever. but so much has happened. not least taking leave from my studies for a while.

but on the home front lots have been going on. not least the establishment of satchitananda thanks to all the gardening and bushcraft knowledge of paul. we now have a well-established veggie garden out the front of the shed and the planting of about 30 or so fruiting trees in the food forest. more trees go in every couple of weeks (or when we can get some cuttings and seedlings from friends).

the solar cooker is going really well and this weekend we christened the solar hot water system. together the two systems cost us around $2o for parts. and then all it took was some creative thinking on paul's part.

we have survived the queensland storms so far and the rain has got the dam to about a third full - now we will be able to see how long the water lasts which might give us some chance to see how big the leaks are.

there are photos here so you can see how much progress paul has made since we bought the property just over twelve months ago:

hopefully not so long til the next post :)