Wednesday, 21 March 2007

ready to go!

well, as the song goes, 'the bags are packed i'm ready to go'.....almost. just got the computer to pack and then i'm all ready.

the bike is in bed for the next couple of weeks - although i have told my mum that since she'll have the keys, she MUST replace any fuel that she uses while i'm away.

update of activities - i will be meeting up with squad in new york and sharing a sofa with her dogs (australian cattle dogs - a little bit of home) for the two nights that i've got there. thank you squad....

in canada, sugar bushing (?) and a sleigh ride have been added to the things i'm doing. ray assures me that it's quite safe - just will do wonders for my need for a sugar hit. and ski lessons have been booked. along with the manicure and pedicure pampering on my first day there (thanks lily). and boot shopping is definitely on the list too.

we just have to pray for no rain in ottawa now.

i've been in touch with some other nice biker types from new york as well so will try to find my way to the 'ear' to meet up with them. or maybe one of the other hang places - we'll see what happens.

thanks to my new york guide, Al, i've been able to work out how to get from jfk airport across to la guardia to catch my flight to ottawa.

and the real purpose of the trip - the research working group meeting in boston - is also all organised with dinner on the thursday night before. i'm looking forward to that as well - a chance to meet up with some of the big names in the area where i am doing my phd. all adds so much to the buzz of travel.

so, all up, i'm about ready to go. feeling a bit excited - but to be honest a bit scared too - this will be the furtherest from home i've ever been. and i'll miss teg and michael. i know they'll be right but i am a mum after all......

anyway, next update will be from somewhere over there......auckland tomorrow night........will work on doing an update there - although i have no idea what i'll do there.

cya for now.

to all my rider friends - ride safe but have fun.

Monday, 19 March 2007

packing, packing, packing

ok, i've made a start on packing. thanks to tegan i've got my bag packed - altho i'll probably unpack and repack again at least once before wednesday night. i still think i've got way too much gear. tegan, being younger still can't quite see how i can pack for two weeks into just ONE bag.

and of course, the laptop isn't packed yet - can't quite manage with just one computer in our household for a couple of

my money is almost all sorted out.

activity plans mostly all finalised - thanks ray and lily (although i have to say both teg and michael laughed at the thought of me having a manicure and pedicure - but i am looking forward to it.....their comment: "next you'll be turning into a lady" followed by shrieks of laughter....? dunno why? )

so now i'm mostly just waiting. roll on thursday morning......