Saturday, 24 February 2007

what no igloos?????

this time next month - ottawa i'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but ray, you've disappointed me, here i was with my fantasy of living in an igloo for a week......ah well. i spose, if it's not cold enough for snow it wouldn't be cold enough for house reno's either would it?

(if you aren't following the conversation, see ray's comment on my last post).....

and yes, i know there are the internet and computers in ottawa - but i'll still probly bring my laptop - then i won't need to borrow one for boston and new york.

but now to two serious questions.....

  1. what on earth will i pack?
  2. how is my bike going to live without me for two and a half weeks????
i guess i'll have to do the trial pack soon to see how i go. and decide once and for all which bag i am going to take. i spose i should even start a list....maybe next weekend....

anyway, more soon.

cya all

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Countdown Begins

well, this time in a month, i'll be in auckland - on the first leg of my big trip. which means of course that i'd better start getting myself a little bit organised.

fortunately i've got a few days before i fly out to do last minute packing and so forth. but i guess i should do a bit of a dry-run pack to be sure that i can actually manage to pack enough gear in a cabin-sized bag to make that plan worth while.

and i also want to take my la[top with me so that i can keep in touch with people without having to continually run around looking for an internet cafe.

i've also realised that thanks to ray the ottawa activities are all in hand. but i've got three full days in boston/harvard to myself - and as yet no plans whatsoever. so, i wonder what types of adventures i can get up to in that part of the world? looks like more research is in order........

til next time......