Thursday, 19 February 2009

quick december 08 update

here's a few photos of the chicken dome and the greenhouse dome getting built. and paul deciding whereabouts to put the greenhouse.
what you can't see yet are the plants growing already in the greenhouse - getting ready for a new crop of lettuces and other things for us to eat.

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

welcome to 2009

here we are at another year, another new start, and an update from me on how things are going at satchitananda. since my last post we've (well, paul really - i just look on) have achieved such a lot.

our second christmas/new year here and we now have the main shed, a separate work shed for paul, a lean-to where he does most of his work, a dome for the chickens, a dome for the greenhouse, paving to the front and back of the main shed, and additions to both our gardens and animals.

we now have our four chickens, five ducks (three white and two grey), and two dogs. i spose mac can only be counted as a part-timer like me since he comes and goes with me each weekend. but jessie is definitely full time and enjoying her job as the minder of paul's home-brew (ok, i spose that is probably because it is much cooler lying on the floor near the beers than in the main shed). the geese are still sorting themselves out since we only got the two greys yesterday.

and we also have almost worked out our plans for the dome house. we will be getting klaus to do up the plans in the coming weeks ready for us to put to the council for building approval. and that means it is nearly time for me to do my owner-builders course so that i can legally oversee the building work. since it all comes in kit form it is our plan to build it ourselves with a builder friend checking things out.

so that means that we have spent some time during the christmas break checking out different composting and home-sewerage treatment options. paul has also been looking into aquaponic systems, raiding the local tip for building materials, and answering my questions about power options / deck sizes / building materials / cellars and similar things needed for the building plans.

i'll be loading up so more photos later this week of the various things we've got now. we've come a long way in the last twelve months, particularly considering the set-back of paul's stroke. hoping for another productive year for us all.