Monday, 12 February 2007

woohoo, thanks ray (see comment on last post), looks like i'm goin to have a really action packed time.

now i just have to continue to pray for snow hehehe.

i've been thinking about what i need to pack - it is very hard (when you are not a planner) to work out just what i need to take for so many different weather patterns. and i was also thinking of the hassles of all the airport security checks and luggage carousels. after all - on the way over i am going to be through four airports - in four different countries.


more and more i am thinking that the real strategy should be to take as little as possible, buy the essentials while i'm over there from cheap outlet stores and then either mail my purchases (new bike boots, new bike jacket, bike pants) to myself at home or sell the things that i won't need at home.

that way, i reckon i might just be able to manage with a cabin bag - one change of clothes on, two changes packed, carry my laptop, and basic toiletries. that way i can just walk off the plane and into customs - and not have to hang around quite so long waiting for luggage to be offloaded.

it bears some thinking long as i can fit something warm enough for the transit through new york and arrival into ottawa.

i'll have a think and look at the various pieces of luggage i've accumulated over the years.